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Web Design Samples

Our Web Design & Develop Samples
Custom CRM, Custom CMS
Custom Accounting Software,
Web Design & Photography

Customer : Iran, DSIT
(formerly Goethe Institut)

Technology : ASP.NET, Css3, HTML5, jQuery

12/2013 - 2014

Web Design & Professional Web Development : Our company has been established to build and develop high quality custom websites. We would also be glad to offer our free consulting services to you. View more of our work »

ARASHMX Developer has more than 11 years of experience in web design and professional web programming and created many websites design and more than 100 web Applications, software components and Software.

Speaking of web design, concerning different jobs that we do for you, we meet different needs of yours and along with them, effective solutions are what we offer you to solve your problems.

We have learned that features don't play the key role in building a content management system and what matters more is meeting specific needs of data management, lead generation and communication.

Our services:
  • Develop Web Applications and E-Commerce Sites using .NET-based technologies
  • User Interface & Custom Website Design & Redesign
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web and Internet Solutions
  • Custom CMS (Content Management System) and Custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • E-Magazine & E-Catalogs
  • Design and model Relational Databases in Microsoft SQL Server & Access
  • Develop XML Web Services & Windows Services
  • Develop Windows Applications using .NET-based technologies
  • Information & Systems Architecture
  • Custom Web Development
  • Photography for Website
  • Web Consultant

Certified and approved by Microsoft

Transcript ID : 708654
Access Code : arashmxnet

Our web design company takes you as a friend and while doing the job, your goals and ours become interwoven. It can be said that a live project is not always complete, therefore, the web design is the first step of our common plan.

ARASHMX creates extraordinary results by providing a superior level of expertise for web development, custom application development, Database Development, web maintenance, multimedia and creative services. My team is committed to expanding our clients' business capabilities by becoming a trusted partner for digital strategy, creative, and technology services. From start to finish, we:

  • Create quite simple website and content management with best performance
  • Focus on your specific needs
  • Design effective interactive media
  • Create unique web design with limitless software
  • Develop creative solutions
  • Create flexible and efficient Websites
  • Verify performance
  • Deliver results

Let us unleash the power of your business . . . today!